Q: Are your products safe for young children?

A: Yes. We offer only the highest quality 18/8 (304) stainless steel food grade material that is 100% BPA-Free.  This helps ensure that no toxins or harmful chemicals will leech onto your child's food.  

Q: Should my lid break how can I replace it?

A: We offer a lifetime warranty for all of our products.  However our lifetime warranty does not cover wear and tear.  So should the lid crack while in transit to being delivered to your house it will be automatically covered.  However should you drop your lid and it should shatter than that would be covered under the wear and tear section.  Please see our "Lifetime Warranty" tab for further details regarding the matter.

Q: Can I put my ChillWarmer product in the dishwasher?

A: No.  We recommend using warm water and dish soap on a bottle scrubber.  Bottles that are insulated through vacuum sealed technology can lose their insulation through high heat from most dishwashers.  See instructional care and handling video for FunJar below: